Mr. Steven Matthews

Pagnotta Engineering, Inc.

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Pagnotta Engineering, Inc.


Broad experience in structural analysis in aerospace, flight simulation, civil structures, and consumer products.
• Performed stress analysis of static and dynamic systems
• Dynamic analysis experience includes Random Vibration Analysis (with and without Force Limiting), Sine Vibe, Acoustic, Sine Pulse, and Shock
• Experienced with Finite Element Modeling (FEM)
• Experienced in hand analysis techniques including bolted, welded, and bonded joints of metallic and composite structures
• Performed various trade studies to optimize designs for high performance and minimum weight. Trade studies utilized both static and dynamic analysis techniques
• Experienced with Random Vibration Testing (Test supervision and evaluation of results to ensure acceptable test levels)
• Presented at several design reviews (PDR and CDR). Presentations presented to several major customers including NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Orbital Sciences
• Lead Stress Analyst on projects including several STS-125 components, AVET simulator, and several ground handling projects (KaL, BSAT3B, BSAT3C, JCSAT-9, PAN, STAR2.4 PMSF, STAR2.4+ CSF, and K6 shipping fixture)

Specialties: Stress, Design, Test Supervision, Program Management, Business Development