Mr. Abhijit Bhosale

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After spending seven years in the fast-paced construction/projects industry of the middle-east, I realized that in the next decade, our world will experience an enormous transformation because of electrification of vehicles. This transition is essential to preserve our environment and the depleting economic health of countries.

To contribute to this noble and prolific transition, I have taken up a Master's in Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Texas at Arlington, where, my focus is to specialize in vertical lift, tilt-rotors, and E-Vtols. Post graduation, I want to act as a catalyst in the world-wide acceptance of E-Vtols.

With a specialty in Industrial Fans and smoke management systems, I have an extensive background in Product Management, Technical Sales, and International Trade. Onwards, I wish to learn from the esteemed members of VFS and possibly work under someone's kind guidance.