Mr. Rex Alexander

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Founder & President of Five-Alpha (5α) LLC, a global aeronautical consultancy specialized in helicopter and powered vertical lift infrastructure, operations, safety, training, and education.  A 40-year aviation veteran and entrepreneur whose career encompasses military, commercial and general aviation.  A dual-rated pilot and licensed airframe & powerplant technician. 

Serve as the primary infrastructure advisor to the Vertical Flight Society (VFS), representing their 6,000 plus members’ interests to the FAA, ICAO, and the aviation community.  Volunteer on the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) for the advancement of helicopter safety, functioning as the primary liaison to the FAA, ICAO, DOT, and NTSB on infrastructure matters.  A volunteer on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)-418, Standard for Heliports committee.  Volunteer with the ASTM International, developing standards for the next generation of vertical lift infrastructure for both manned and unmanned aircraft.  Volunteer with the Illuminating Engineering Society for the development of recommended practices for lighting airport outdoor environments.  Platform instructor at the Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on heliport accident investigation and one of a select group of experts who assisted TSI in developing their “Heliport Evaluation Training Course”.  Former Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) professional, functioning as a pilot, base manager and central U.S. regional operations manager for 20 years.  Former board member and past president of the National EMS Pilots Association (NEMSPA).  Former board member and past president of the Indiana Association of Air Medical Services (INAAMS).  An alumnus of Parks College of Aviation at St. Louis University. Former U.S. Army Warrant Officer and “Aeroscout” Helicopter Pilot, Instructor Pilot and Standardization Instructor having served both on active duty and in the Indiana Army National Guard.