2021 Webinar: eVTOL $tartup Financing - Lesson 2

When:  May 6, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)
VFS is starting a new series of regular webinars to educate our members on avenues for startup funding. "Raising Startup Capital" is intended to provide an introduction for our member companies on the different avenues available for raising capital. 
You will learn about:
Investment Needs and Timing of the Four Supply Chains Defining eVTOL Success (e.g. infrastructure is just one…)
Best Practices for Entrepreneurs Seeking Capital (PANEL DISCUSSION)
Historic Data and Current Trends in Venture Capital Placement (National Venture Capital Association Data)

Moderated by:  Michael J. Dyment
                       Managing Partner
                       NEXA Capital Partners, LLC

Speakers:         Van Espahbodi (Invited)
                        Partner, Co-Founder
                        Starburst Accelerator

About NEXA:  NEXA Capital Partners provides corporate and strategic financial advisory services, and capital investment, to the aerospace, transportation, logistics and homeland security sectors.  We work with outstanding companies and management teams currently positioned to benefit from emerging factors driving sector transformation. We seek opportunities that will eventually lead to high growth public market offerings and /or acquisitions at public multiples.

NEXA and UAM/AAM:  www.nexacapital.com provides focused advisory and investment banking services to businesses and investors in the emerging UAS industry.

About STARBURST:  Starburst provides mentoring and access to THE LARGEST AEROSPACE & aviation stakeholders GROUP TO GET YOU ready for Series A.  WWW.STARBURST.AERO  will identify and tackle growth and business transformation challenges with our expert consultants on strategy, innovation and performance