2024 8th Workshop on AAM Infrastructure

When:  Sep 17, 2024 from 07:00 to 20:00 (ET)
7th Workshop on AAM Infrastructure

September 17-18, 2024

VFS is hosting its 8th Workshop on eVTOL Infrastructure for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). This two-day meeting is the eigthth in a series of solution-focused workshops.

  • Provide an open forum to stakeholders and interested parties from industry and applicable government and regulatory bodies to discuss Operations & Safety requirements and expectations as they relate to AAM technology and infrastructure.
  • Conduct facilitated discussions regarding key Operational & Safety questions pertaining to AAM infrastructure to better understand potential AAM aircraft limitations and aerodynamic deficiencies that must be considered in future infrastructure development.
  • Identify collaborative research and development opportunities necessary for creating safe infrastructure design standards based on aircraft performance criteria.


Washington, DC