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I joined Leonardo Helicopters in 2015, after attending a Second Lever Specializing Master Course in Rotary Wing Technologies.
Since then, my major role has been focused on the evaluation of the aeroelastic stability of the AW609 tiltrotor, involving both isolated rotor stability and whirl flutter.
As a rotor dynamics specialist, I'm part of the AW609 telemetry team. In particular, in this field, I gave support to the AW609 artificial icing campaign, held in Michigan in March/April 2017.

I'm also in charge of computing the dynamic gust and turbulence loads for the AW609. This task is being accomplished with an innovative methodology developed in collaboration with the aerospace department of Politecnico di Milano.

I was additionaly involved in the certification process of the AW189 FIPS kit (achieved in 2016), where I evaluated the stability of the tail rotor in icing conditions.

Since I joined the company, I've been elected as the co-supervisor of the following thesis works, where I played a relevant role in the definition of the theorethical methodologies that were developed:
- "Impact of the flexibility of drive train and engine supports on rotorcraft dynamics", author Luigi Cocco, supervisor Prof. Giuseppe Quaranta, Politecnico di Milano;
- "A novel approach for calculation of gust dynamic loads for tiltrotors", author Alberto Rigo, supervisor Prof. Giuseppe Quaranta, Politecnico di Milano.